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by select sex

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ben - guitar
brad - bass
brian - drums
joshua - vocals


released September 18, 2012

all instruments played by brian. vocals by joshua



all rights reserved


Select Sex Los Angeles, California

Select Sex is thrashy, spazzy, hardcore punk made in the finest DIY tradition. Other bands containing the members of Select Sex include (but aren't limited to) Mukilteo Fairies, Replicator, Behead the Prophet (No Lord Shall Live), Cartographer, & Warm Streams.

Suck it.
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Track Name: when electricity came to california
when electricity came to california
everyone danced and sang with glee
bust out the red carpet, man what a show
blood on the sidewalk, ashes on shag
lipstick on the bathroom stall
no more candlelight reading, that was such a drag
no more words on paper, didn't they bore you so?
let's live our art...and trash the place.
don't pull the plug out just because they'll never love you
you'll never have to work with your hands here again
your name in lights splattered across the marquee
so much power behind it, not one drop will remain
when electricity came to california...etc.
glitter on the capitol walls, having stag parties
out on the steps
black light in the men's room all night
lasting on the silver screen
let me illuminate what you need
just plug me into...anything
wahoo!!! why honey as i live and breathe
you could plug me into...everything!!!
when the lights came on in L.A.
everything stayed the same
promises made in the dark remained broken because
this was the darkest light that man could make.
Track Name: can't walk right
you can drive around in circles all day
til' you're an expert at driving
you can stop and go, read signals and maps
but you...but you, can't walk right
you can talk and talk all day on your phone
until we're sick of talking
you can talk yourself into/out of anything
but you...but you, can't walk right
you can pose deep thoughts, and write somethings down
with a little direction
you can persuade, justify or evade
but you...but you, can't walk right
you can WOW a crowd with your fine fashion sense
tasteful or tasteless
you can put on facades, seem real or unreal
but you...but you, can't walk right
can't you dance? can't you sing?
can't you do most anything?
you can swim, you can play
you can do anything on wet and dry land
you're so afraid of everything you do
push of a button it's all about you too
you just need someone to push that button in
to pull the string and get you...moving
you can be so strong, feel made of steel
you can be so elevated, become a ray of light
you only need to read a little to comprehend less
and it's all meaning so much less...and less.
Track Name: urban wolves are watching
there's someone * that's lurking
they're watching you and waiting for a sign
they could be hiding * right in plain sight
their sharp teeth just dying to eat you up
they're congregating in secret
fearing that'll be wearing there skin
anticipation, they're at the ready
with their claws to bury you half alive
they come prowling down your hall
bust through your door and take you in the night
catch you while you're sleeping
the lights are down you won't put up a fight!!!
here come the wolves to eat you up
you're paralyzed so you can't fight
they'll swallow you whole in one single bite
to hide their tracks to plausibly deny
they live in shadow * live in fear
that soon you'll be wearing their skin
you'll have their paws around your neck
their head on the mantle, they seek to prevent it
once noble beasts, now it's cocktails in the den
drinking champagne in the cafe, on the phone all day...etc...etc.
Track Name: one and an other
it's in your interest, it's in your favor
to have yourselves and them one and another
you have your own and they have themselves
you have no brothers, just one and another
whatever you've shared is in the past
you'll never again have to understand each other
regardless of history or consequence
all you need is, one and another
forget old alliances and the songs sung together
forget the marches...progress you may have shared
forget how you got where you are today
old favors bring new knives for the backs
of those that had you back in the day...
a chunk of change a piece of the action
a slice of power with your hand in the jar
all for you and you for'll take you far
forget promises. remember when you used to boycott LETTUCE?
so long ago, so unimportant now
sometimes the foe you know understands you better
together with your opposite, familiarity builds alliance
contempt brings comfort when you trust no one
once there was us, now it's you or me
my progeny = your problem...your problem...your problem
i have an olive branch, take it as you fall
contempt breeds, comfort contempt breeds...comfort!!!